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Sunflower Thieves - Someone To Be There For EP

Sunflower Thieves - Someone To Be There For EP

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The EP see's Sunflower Thieves exploring themes of self-discovery and growth, navigating and reflecting on the past as well as looking towards the future as they touch upon friendship, relationships, personal growth and loss along the way. All of which is delivered by the duo in their unique way as they release a body of work which is all at once warming, reflective, honest and authentic.

“We’ve both had a lot of change happen in our lives over the last few years, and this was a recurring theme throughout the writing sessions that birthed these songs. We touch on friendship, loss, relationship breakdowns, personal strength and growth. An additional overriding theme is collaboration - we have loved working with so many wonderful creative friends on videos and photos for each release”


Amy Illingworth [vocals]
Lily Sturt-Bolshaw [vocals, guitars, synths, samples, trumpet]
Chris Milnes [guitars, samples]
Jacob Cracknell [bass guitar]
Lucy Revis [cello]
Matt Hill [drums]
Sam Griffiths [guitars, vocals]
Sam Perry [vocals, guitars, synths]
Tom Hammond [vocals, guitars, percussion]


Sirens - Amy Illingworth, Lily Sturt-Bolshaw, Sam Perry, Tom Hammond
Lichtenberg Figures - Amy Illingworth, Lily Sturt-Bolshaw, Sam Griffiths
I Don’t Know Why - Tom Hammond
34 Days - Amy Illingworth, Lily Sturt-Bolshaw, Sam Perry, Tom Hammond
Grown Out Of You - Amy Illingworth, Lily Sturt-Bolshaw, Rachel Clark
Birthday - Amy Illingworth, Andy Crowder, Lily Sturt-Bolshaw.

We are more than grateful to everyone who has been involved in the creation of Someone To Be There For. These songs were written and recorded in our bedrooms, and you’ve helped us bring them to life. A special thank you to Nick Young and the 42 Peaks team - we couldn’t have done it with you. And to Tony Ereira, for always believing in us.

Produced by Lily Sturt-Bolshaw
Mixed by Dave Holmes
Vinyl Mastered by Simon Davey
Artwork by Adam Illingworth

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