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PRE-ORDER: Pop Vulture - Another Success

PRE-ORDER: Pop Vulture - Another Success

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The inaugural EP by Pop Vulture showcases an innovative exploration of guitar-centric music, marking a significant expansion of their artistic horizons. Drawing from a diverse array of influences, the EP serves as a testament to the band's multifaceted musical palette. From the energetic fervor and sociopolitical commentary emblematic of punk, to the infectious allure of electronic rhythms, and the boundary-pushing ethos of alternative rock, each track offers a unique sonic journey.

Titled 'Another Success,' the EP encompasses a rich tapestry of compositions, reflecting both the post-Brexit landscape of Britain and introspective contemplations on mental well-being. Characterised by a soulful and refined essence, it resonates with profound themes and contemplative musings, transcending mere entertainment to evoke profound reflections and ideals.

On Limited Edition 12" Orange Splatter on Transparent Vinyl. 

Shipping starts on or around July 5th.

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