Our Mission

Supporting artists from under represented groups and marginalised communities is always a priority within all the work at Come Play With Me.


We’re always looking for ways to challenge the music industry. Whether it’s working regionally, prioritising marginalised voices or carving out our own way of doing things our aim is to push for a more welcoming and accessible sector. We’re committed to reflecting on our own practices and adapting our approaches when we need to.


Come Play With Me is all about collaboration. We're committed to supporting, listening to and learning from the people we work with, both internally within our team and externally with our national and international partners.


We prioritise people over profit or products. We put a focus on wellbeing and peer to peer support across all our projects. We work intersectionally, with the knowledge that marginalised people have complex and often compounding barriers to accessing the music industry. We listen, reflect and adapt so that our work is offering the support people need, when they need it.


We specialise in supporting people from marginalised communities further their careers in music. We help break down barriers to success for individuals and we’re committed to centering the people that need it most in all our projects. We spend time with other organisations, helping them create more inclusive spaces for marginalised people and partner with other organisations that are working towards creating a more equitable music industry. We are striving to ensure that our team and board accurately reflect the people we supporting through our projects. 

Our Pledge

Our aim is to support a wide range of marginalised people to develop their careers in music. By the end of 2024, 75% of artists on our roster will either be from marginalised communities or from The North of England.

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